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Screw Loose
Nitro stood on the stage makeshift stage in his back garden, his paws clad in metal boots and gloves. His tight space-age flight suit with metal shoulder pads was partially covered around the shoulders and waistline by harnesses that held to his back a large metal cylinder with a rounded-cone tip, and metal fins sticking out of each side. He could feel the love of an adoring crowd - which was impressive given that his audience consisted of a skeptical cat named Titch, a dopey rabbit called Nibble, and J-Jay the blue jay, who was currently engrossed in the hand-held adventures of an Italian plumber. Undeterred, he began.
“Blue Jays and gentlecats-” he began.
“Ooh! And rabbits!” Nibble's left paw shot up and waved, his right being preoccupied by keeping his baggy hat out of his eyes.
“Yes, and rabbits,” Nitro continued. He puffed himself up as he got back into the swing of his speech. “On this bright, sunny day, I am going to amaze you – sh
:icontimsplosion:timsplosion 0 2
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Grave Mistake

Now nominated for a Royal Television Society Student Award!





But yeh, enough of dead internet memes, here's an update!


It's happening, it's mostly paid for, me and Alexx need to meet the officiant and fill out the last form with the hotel to confirm our exact details and timings and such, but my suit's picked out and paid for, Alexx has her dresses, our rings are both fully paid for, my family has their plane tickets booked, and we got a bunch of house shit at Alexx's family bridal shower. Roll on the mid-to-late August! :D


I've finished filling out the forms and copying documents, and today I got a bunch of photocopies "notarized" (meaning someone who does legal shit has gone "yep, that's legit" and put a stamp on it) by a friend I have in city hall who helped me pull off the Science March back in April, who I am grateful for, cos that saved me a bunch of money that all went towards the application fees which are now paid ($1040 for the main application for the visa, $155 for the work permit application). The only thing I have left to do is wrap that sucker up and stick it in the post and wait. And also at some point soon get my UK and Canadian police certificates (documents from the cops saying "yeh, he's not a criminal", basically), cos they'll ask for that at some point during the application processing. I don't know exactly when, but at some point. The visa I'm going for can take like a year, but I'm hoping that it'll be less than that, cos I'd rather not have to leave in order to stay.


I have one now. Find me at @ the_addictedartist! I post doodles n sketches and sometimes photos of shit. It's neat. If you have it, feel free to consider following me! :)


So there's been something I've been thinking about doing since late last year, and that I've been planning since about February, that I'm now starting to try and get done (almost halfway there with the first phase of it). I don't want to fully announce it until I know I can pull it off - by which I mean I have all of the artwork for it done by the project's intended start date. If I don't mention this project before or on July 22nd, then it's postponed until after my honeymoon in September/October.


Holy shit. :XD: When the exit poll came out I was just getting off the bus, and when I saw it I laughed the whole way home. The Tories are fatally wounded, Theresa May especially so. They've had to ally with the religious right wing DUP in order to keep power, an alliance that will backfire as soon as the Tories have any kind of moderate policy come through parliament. Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party is poised to win the next election, whether that happens in 2022, 2019, or this autumn. Even this long after the election, I still have leftover ripples of elation. My age group actually showed up for once and good lord what a difference it made. Imagine what the result would have been if we'd shown up in the same numbers as our grandparents! Another future is possible and within our grasp, and maybe, JUST MAYBE, we can salvage the opportunity to make Brexit work for the people rather than for the vested interests. I still think Brexit will be a disaster regardless of who's in charge, but I think Britain will be massively better off with a government that invests in its country's people rather than one who starves the people of wealth while giving more and more away to the top 0.1% of earners and foreign speculative investors. I have genuine hope for my country's future for the first time since 2010. This last section with the MayDUP coalition will be rough, especially as Brexit really starts to bite during the negotiations, but there's finally a light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Drinking: Tory tears


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Tim Allenby
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
Hi, I'm an another person who draws and animates things on the internet sometimes. Anyway, you're probably already bored and have stopped reading, so here's more completely uninteresting things about me:
- I live in a house.
- I am tall.
- I have a cat called Pillz.
- That's the way, aha, aha, I like it, aha, aha
- I have a digital watch.
- I skipped number 6.
- You just checked to see if I had, even though I'm using dashes and not numbers.
- Several of these facts aren't actually about me.

Month 7: What is your biggest worry about the current US Presidency? 

24 deviants said Unnecessary War
19 deviants said LGBT Rights
13 deviants said Environment/Climate Change
11 deviants said Democracy/Russia Scandal
11 deviants said Healthcare/Reproductive Rights
7 deviants said Foreign Relations
6 deviants said Nothing - I'm happy with the current administration.
5 deviants said Something not listed here.
2 deviants said Opposition
1 deviant said Race Issues


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