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Grave Mistake

Now nominated for a Royal Television Society Student Award!



So, following 2016, a year in which polarising electoral contests divided society in ways that may take years to heal, British Prime Minister Theresa May has decided the best way to heal the divide is with another polarising electoral contest. That's right - Theresa "I won't call a snap election" May has called for a snap election on June 8.


Most likely as a way to shore up support and increase the weight of her negotiating hand with Europe. May, and the Tories in general, are riding high in the polls right now, despite Labour's recent efforts to unveil policies with massive approval ratings, so her gamble is that this will continue, and that people will forget about the whole "7 years of chasing an economic goal that they completely and utterly failed to hit at the cost of huge chunks of the social safety net" thing, so long as she looks strong on Europe.

A big win in the election would mean she gains some standing because as it stands, no one voted for her. She was elected to her seat in parliament in 2015, but when David Cameron resigned and the Tories held a leadership contest, everyone else dropped out. Theresa May became Prime Minister because she was the only one who didn't step down. When you're negotiating with people like Angela Merkel, who've been winning elections for decades and is likely to still be Chancellor after the German elections this year, "not stepping down" doesn't earn you much respect at the negotiating table.


Well, because of the law regarding fixed parliamentary terms, there has to be a vote where two thirds of parliament agree to hold a new election. Given that Labour has already said it will back it, this vote is largely symbolic. After that, the official election period will start 6 weeks before June 8, and then it happens.

The most likely outcome, and the one I'm most strongly opposed to, is an increased Tory majority in parliament. Currently, their majority is thin enough that losing just 7 seats would turn them into a minority administration, and leave them leaning on other parties to get important law through. They still manage it, but backbenchers have a lot of clout at the moment to dig their heels in if a policy hurts their constituency too much. An increased majority means these mini-revolts from their moderate wing wouldn't be enough to stop them ramming through every hair-brained scheme they come up with to "properly manage Britain's economy and get the best deal from Brexit" (read: Make sure rich people aren't hurt by the coming Brexit shit-storm). Winning this election would give the Tories a mandate to stay in charge until 2022. 

There is, of course, the outside chance that the Tories actually lose seats. This will force them to govern either as a minority administration (at which point they'd have to take into account the interests of people who didn't vote for them, god forbid right?), or they'd be superseded by another party. Labour are still the only party with enough seats and experience to realistically lead a government, but the SNP have Scotland on lockdown, especially since the Tories are proving all of those "England doesn't give a shit about us" stereotypes correct. So a Labour majority government would be a long-shot by a mile. If the Lib Dems can displace enough Tories in England, soaking up some of those die-hard Remain voters, then perhaps a Labour-Lib coalition might be possible, but a Labour-SNP coalition is the most likely outcome of any scenario where the Tories don't end up forming the government. Not ideal, but I'd take it.


Because I refuse to blame poor people and immigrants for the problems caused by rich people with power, and happen to think maybe we should fix the whole climate change thing as soon as possible. Also fuck you, hypothetical strawman question-asker and also the one or two actual alt-rightists who accidentally followed me because they thought I would post pony regularly.


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Tim Allenby
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Hi, I'm an animator/cartoonist, recently graduated the Bristol School of Animation, who also does comics in his spare time. Anyway, you're probably already bored and have stopped reading, so here's more completely uninteresting things about me:
- I live in a house.
- I am tall.
- I have a cat called Pillz.
- That's the way, aha, aha, I like it, aha, aha
- I have a digital watch.
- I skipped number 6.
- You just checked to see if I had, even though I'm using dashes and not numbers.
- Several of these facts aren't actually about me.

Month 4: What is your biggest worry about the current US Presidency? (note in the comments) 

30 deviants said Unnecessary War (Nuclear or otherwise)
16 deviants said Environment/Climate Change
8 deviants said LGBT Rights
7 deviants said Democracy/Government Transparency
6 deviants said Protests/Riots
5 deviants said I'm not worried, I approve of everything he's done so far.
3 deviants said Something not listed here.
1 deviant said Economy/Jobs
1 deviant said Healthcare &/or Reproductive Rights
No deviants said Race Issues




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