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BAA Sting 2014 [LINK IN DESCRIPTION] by timsplosion
January was a month of house hunting and trying to animate as much as possible - "Under the Weather" wrapped production and we were now taking on live briefs in uni to try and bolster our CV and portfolio. Me and a few uni mates found the place I'm living at the moment and signed the lease. Glad we got it!

TiN - Cold Penguins by timsplosion
February was the month I signed up to work on "Dead and Breakfast". I also signed up to work on the BBC Listening Project, and do some storyboard work on another project, while also trying to acquire votes to boost my chances for the BAA sting from January winning the competition. Also, my first Valentine's Day that I could actually celebrate. So that's pretty sweet too. It was also when I first started looking for a job, getting my first real job interview and my first real rejection for that job.

Sprakle the Unicorn - Poke by timsplosion
March began with fury, before a restoration in my faith in humanity, because some fucker stole my bag, but then you guys as well as people on UKofEquestria saved my ass by helping me to raise enough money to replace pretty much everything that was lost. I'm still grateful for that, you guys really helped save my ass from what could've been a costly disaster. It was also a month of stress and frustration, because Alexx got her first UK job and it didn't go well.

GummyPie by timsplosion
Just as things are warming up, me n Alexx end up with a cold. Things were winding down at uni, and I finally managed to get a job, with a little help from Alexx and another friend. A pretty chill month by comparison, with the Listening Project work still going on.

All We Need is A Bucket of Yellow Hair Dye by timsplosion
Most of you will remember May as the month that Season Four wrapped up with that epic fight scene. The formal uni year draws to a close, and I forgot to register to vote for the European elections. No worries this time around though - I'm already registered. Not making that mistake twice. The South West still managed to get a Green to Brussels, so that's not bad. THIS HAPPENED. 

Wherewolf? by timsplosion
In June, I got my results back for the previous year's university work, and I'm pretty pleased with the result. The World Cup happened and we didn't even make it to the quarters this time. And for the first time in what was at least 2 years, I finally managed to make it down to a beach. It also happened to be the month that I decided to make a sequel to my most popular pony comic, leading to this little series, which probably helped me hit 1500 watchers. Pretty chill month as things go.

Trick the Changeling by timsplosion
On the back of the Shining Armor is A Goddamn Moron series, I hit 1500 watchers in July. I finally move into my current place, and essentially have the house to myself for a month or so until everyone else started moving back in. I wrapped production on the BBC Listening Project, and which then moved into a state of limbo as the wait for someone else to finish their Listening Project animation began. Home stuff sort've blew up in our face this month as Alexx's uncle revealed his true colours, forcing us to try and get her moved into the city. It was incredibly long and drawn out, and only wound up being sorted a day or so before she started her college course, and left everything feeling incredibly uncertain for way too long. And at the end of it all, I turned 20.

The Evil Dance of Evilness by timsplosion
In August, all the last minute stuff relating to Alexx's course came up and got dealt with as swiftly as we could possibly deal with them. But on the other hand, we also managed to go visit the Warner Bros studio in London and do the Harry Potter tour, which was fucking awesome! Man, if any of you ever get the chance to go, you should. I kinda want to go again, just for the gift shop. We face the legal repercussions of our trip to the beach

Who I Trust the Most by timsplosion
Alexx finally got settled into her new place and started her college course. September for me was spent entirely in production on "Is Your Fridge Running", battling absent co-workers and tight deadlines to get the film up to standard in the small amount of time I had. Outside of that, it was such a straight forward month, that I was able to have This is Normal's first 3-parter comic in nearly a year without missing any significant events. It was weird - very busy but also very simple. A good combo, I reckon.

Pink Mermaid by timsplosion
October was going pretty smoothly, "Fridge" was done and complete, and we were starting to think about our major films in uni while doing the last of that. Then on the 12th, the shit hit the fan and Alexx was hospitalised with a severe stomach pain that we still don't quite know exactly what happened. This began 3 months of being in and out of hospital while they tried to help manage the pain and work out what was wrong. On top of this, stuff of mine started wearing out, most of which has been sorted now (though my laptop speakers have stopped working properly recently XP).

Arc Light in the Office by timsplosion
November felt a lot like a continuation of October, with me and Alexx slowly getting familiar with the various Surgical and Trauma Assessment Units at the Bristol Royal Infirmary (thank fuck for the NHS), and we were told that she very likely had Crohn's Disease. At the same time, I was trying to work out the kinks in my idea for my final film while also working on my draft essay for the official bullshit module of my course. I tried looking for a Christmas job, but to no avail. On top of all this, I said goodbye to my old phone.

Grave Mistake: Girl by timsplosion
December started out much like the last two months, although all of my work was handed in, so the only uni related things to happen involved getting feedback. Alexx finally got put on a painkiller that didn't make her other symptoms worse, and we were told that it almost certainly wasn't Crohns. We got out of hospital on the day we left for Northampton, and she went from daily pain to occasional pain to no pain at all over the two weeks we were home. "This is Normal" turned 5 years old, and I completely forgot to do something special to mark it.

- Complete my Final Film
- Get a Job at an Animation Studio
- Go to Canada with Alexx
- Go to San Diego with my Aunt.
- Remain in Bristol after graduation.


timsplosion's Profile Picture
Tim Allenby
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United Kingdom
Hi, I'm an animator/storyboard artist, currently at the Bristol School of Animation, who also does comics in his spare time. Anyway, you're probably already bored and have stopped reading, so here's more completely uninteresting things about me:
- I live in a house.
- I am tall.
- I have a cat called Pillz.
- That's the way, aha, aha, I like it, aha, aha
- I have a digital watch.
- I skipped number 6.
- You just checked to see if I had, even though I'm using dashes and not numbers.
- Several of these facts aren't actually about me.

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